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Shuseki Shihan Peter Searle

7th Dan

Shuseki Shihan Peter started karate in 1973. His first instructor was Senpai Brent Trevean. He was runner up in the New Zealand National Heavyweight Title for kumite, winning the title in the following year. He was also placed in Kata competition. Shuseki Shihan won the World Super Senior Kumite title in New York in 1996. Shuseki Shihan graded to Shodan in 1974, Nidan in 1982, Sandan in 1985, Yondan in 1989, Godan in 1997, Rokudan in 2005, Senior 6th Dan in 2013, and Shuseki Shihan in 2022.

Shuseki Shihan Peter has taught karate for many years, from kyu grades through to senior grades. He has trained in New York many times as well as Australia, England, Japan, and many New Zealand dojos.

Shuseki Shihan travelled to New York in 1975, with Eiko Hanshi Renzie and a team of ten to strengthen ties with Kaicho Tadashi Nakamura. Shuseki Shihan travelled with Eiko Hanshi Renzie to support him when he graded to 8th Dan in 2008.

Shuseki Shihan Peter was inducted into the New Zealand Martial Arts Hall of Fame in 2013.

Shuseki Shihan Peter Searle
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