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Seido Karate Christchurch

The dojo was founded in 1965 by one of the pioneers of Kyokushinkai in New Zealand - Doug Holloway.

Following Sensei Holloway's departure in 1969 to further his studies the dojo was headed by Hanshi Renzie Hanham who still holds the position of head Instructor.

Many exponents from the dojo have trained in Japan, USA and other countries. Literally thousands of people have passed through our doors.

The dojo has produced several world champions in the Seido system and in 2004 was given an award for its services in the community.

The Christchurch Seido dojo holds an impressive history. Many men, women and children who have touched their bare feet to the dojo floor here have excelled in sport, business and life in general. The spirit of Seido karate is to train together. You can now be a part of this.

To read a brief history of our club click here.

Seido Karate Worldwide

Karate is a way of life, a way of being for modern men, women and children.

Seido Karate's founder Kaicho Tadashi Nakamura is clear about the founding principles of the style.

"My purpose in founding Seido Karate was to show what I feel is the true essence, the kernel of true karate-do: the training of body, mind, and spirit together in order to realize the fullness of human potential."

The World Seido Karate Organisation officially opened its headquarters on October 15, 1976, in New York City. It is now a worldwide organisation, with thriving branches in USA, Brazil, Germany, Chile, Israel, Italy, Australia, Japan, South Africa, United Kingdom, Nepal and others.

Seido Karate seeks to provide a safe, supportive and disciplined environment. Through the practice of Karate-do, students are encouraged to extend themselves in a way that develops spirit, awareness and respect for oneself and others.

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