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Shuseki Shihan Harry Roelofs

7th Dan

Shuseki Shihan Harry began martial arts, as a five year old, at the International Judo Club. At the age of ten he boxed for a year at the Woolston Working Mens Club, before moving onto karate at the age of eleven.

Shuseki Shihan Harry started karate in the Shibu Dojo in 1971 under Josai Kai, prior to it becoming Kyokushinkai and eventually Seido Karate. Shuseki Shihan graded to Shodan in 1975, Nidan in 1983, Sandan in 1986, Yondan in 1989, Godan in 1997, Rokudan in 2005, Senior 6th Dan in 2013, and Shuseki Shihan in 2022.

When Shuseki Shihan Harry graded to shodan in 1975 he was the youngest black belt in New Zealand, if not Australasia to achieve this.

Shuseki Shihan Harry has been pivotal in training many of our successful tournament champions, along with judging and refereeing nationally and internationally.

He has instructed a range of kyu grade and senior classes over the years.

Shuseki Shihan has trained in many dojo’s around the world – USA including New York, Japan, England, Australia, and most New Zealand dojo’s.

Shuseki Shihan Harry was inducted into the New Zealand Martial Arts Hall of Fame in 2013 alongside Shuseki Shihans Neil, Peter, and Gavin.

Some of Shuseki Shihan Harry’s karate highlights have been training under Eiko Hanshi Renzie Hanham, Kaicho Tadashi Nakamura, the overseas experiences and opportunities because of karate, and the range of positive people from all walks of life.

Through the diversity of karate, Shuseki Shihan has explored and developed skills in holistic health and well-being.

Shuseki Shihan Harry is the current Dojo Manager.

Shuseki Shihan Harry Roelofs
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