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Sensei Lina Elliott

4th Dan

Sensei Lina began her training at the Christchurch Shibu in late 2001 when her first son wanted to do martial arts. Her second son began training six months later.

Sensei Lina gained her Shodan in 2007, and recently graded to Sandan in 2016. Her knowledge of the syllabus is well-founded.

Sensei Lina’s two sons, Nick and James are also black belts, with Senpai James, now a Nidan, having had an active role as a junior instructor in the past.

Sensei Lina supports Kyoshi Ally with instructing in the Green & Yellow Belt class held every Wednesday at 6:30pm.

She also helps with the children’s classes on Mondays and Tuesdays at 4:30pm, the Children’s Tournament and the Children’s Camp that is held every year.

Sensei Lina Elliott
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