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Senpai Jake Taylor

3rd Dan

Assistant instructor

6pm – 7pm Monday, beginners class

I have trained in combat arts for many years. When I was around 10 years old I trained in Shotokan karate for about 3 years. I also did a short stint at boxing and a couple of years in kick boxing, entering many tournaments in the UK. I started my journey in Seido karate with my daughter Senpai Peyton, when we arrived in NZ back in 2008. When I was promoted to green belt, I trained for the Australian Kyokushin tournament in Sydney and after 3 full contact fights I achieved first place. I promoted to Shodan in 2013, Nidan in 2016 and currently Sandan in 2020.

I am fortunately honoured with assisting Hanshi Renzie with his Monday night beginners class. In Hanshi’s absence, I teach basics, concentrating of form, etiquette, Kata and self defence.

Senpai Jake Taylor
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