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Sei Shihan Bu Windsor

6th Dan

Sei Shihan Bu began karate in the Kyokushinkai style in 1978 at the Victoria University Club in Wellington before moving to Christchurch and joining Seido Shibu in 1982. She moved to Auckland in 1984 and assisted with establishing the Seido Auckland Club, being chiefly responsible for the children’s classes. Here she attained the rank of Shodan in 1987.

In 1990, as a Nidan, she moved to Aoraki Mount Cook where, with permission from Hanshi Renzie, she established the Mount Cook Dojo. This dojo, nestled in the heart of Aoraki Mount Cook National Park, attracted many village residents to begin their Seido path and also hosted visitors from dojos around the world when they visited New Zealand.

By this stage Sei Shihan Bu had also attracted the attention of Bryan Carter (now Kyoshi Bryan) who decided he liked both Bu and Karate and has stuck with both since, assisting in running the Mount Cook Dojo and running around after Bu.

During this 22 year period, Sei Shihan Bu traveled to Christchurch frequently to train with Hanshi Renzie and fellow karateka at Shibu and also maintained close ties with many overseas karateka, traveling to compete and learn with Seido whanau worldwide.

In 2012, she and Kyoshi Bryan made the decision to leave Aoraki Mount Cook and move to Christchurch, proximity to Seido Shibu being a key contributing factor.

Sei Shihan Bu (a school principal by profession) teaches a Black Belt class on Wednesday evening from 5.30 - 6.30.

This class, called ‘Fundamentals’ is a syllabus based opportunity for any Black Belt student. Jun Shihan Bu’s approach to teaching centres on the fact that the dojo is a karate school where we are all learning many things on many levels.

An element of fun, a respect for Budo and a desire to help other students appreciate the benefits of Seido are also evident through Sei Shihan Bu’s classes.

Sei Shihan Bu Windsor
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