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Kyoshi Cheryl Porter

5th Dan

Kyoshi Cheryl has been training since 1998, grading to Shodan, along with her son Alex, in 2004. In December 2021 she graded to Godan (5th degree black belt). Kyoshi Cheryl has been taking children’s classes since 2003 and thoroughly enjoys the energy and hugs the children bring to class.

The primary philosophy of the children and youth sections is to provide a safe, supportive environment in which to help our young people grow and become confident in self-defence.

While all classes focus on basic techniques, syllabus, and practical self-defence, there is also an underlying emphasis on the development of social skills, confidence, self-discipline, self-control, mental awareness, focus, coping strategies, and leadership opportunities. The physical aspects of training will improve fine and large motor skills, co-ordination, balance, spatial awareness, flexibility, stamina, and endurance.

As children progresses through the grades, peers and instructors, will positively support them and help them to build awareness and confidence in ways to approach difficult situations.

We also work hard to build strong, healthy relationships between our children and families, where the children are supported by strong youth role models, and activities aimed at building lasting friendships.

Each year we have a tournament – aimed at participation rather than competition, as well as an annual overnight kids and youth camp at Spencer Park. Added to this is a range of fun nights aimed at building friendships and togetherness. Children 10 years and above can also join us at Senior Camp in December.

Children’s classes are on: Monday 4:30–5:30pm Tuesday 4:30 – 5:20 (Beginners/White/Blue belts) Tuesday 4:30 – 5:45 (Yellow Belt) Friday 4:15 – 6:00pm Senior Youth class (This class incorporates a sparring session from 5:00 – 6:00pm) Sundays 10:00 – 11:00am (Beginners and up)

We look forward to seeing you.

Kyoshi Cheryl Porter
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