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Kyoshi Angela Wessels

5th Dan

Kyoshi Angela started her martial arts as a teenager in Tae Kwon Do, attaining her black belt in 1988.

From there, she started training in the New Brighton Seido Dojo, where upon reaching green belt she was given the children’s class to teach.

After attaining her Seido Shodan in 2001, Kyoshi Angela began teaching the adult white belt class and remained training and teaching in New Brighton until approximately five years ago when she moved across to Christchurch Shibu.

Kyoshi Angela especially loves studying syllabus and enjoys passing this knowledge on to others.

The best things about Seido are the friendships, mutual respect, awesome talented people, and constant sharing of knowledge. It really is a second “family” who have your back.

Kyoshi Angela was promoted to 5th Dan in 2019 and also enjoys mountain biking and walking the hills.

Kyoshi Angela Wessels
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