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Jun Shihan Mike McDonald

6th Dan

Jun Shihan Mike started training with the Seido Karate University Club in 1983. He sat his Shodan grading in 1989. Mike has taught a number of classes over the years with a focus on technique as well as taking over the conditioning class which trains at 8am to 9am on Sunday mornings. He now only takes that class and trains in other classes.

The Sunday morning conditioning class has its emphasis on physical conditioning with punch bag work and aerobic training. Participants wear gi (formal) pants but otherwise just tee-shirts and bag gloves.

Despite the early morning start, the class is well attended with many regular attendees who have been training in that class for many years. The class is well disciplined but all have fun at the same time. Breakfast after training appears to help. The class is open to all grades wanting to enjoy a physically challenging class and is one of the few classes where junior grades can mix freely with senior grades.

Jun Shihan Mike McDonald
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