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Fees Structure
All fees are invoiced monthly and should be paid by direct debit or automatic payment. 


$690/year (in advance)
18 or above in full-time study: $45
Casual Classes
Casual or fitness classes only: $40


One child: $32.50
Two children: $25 each
Three children: $23 each
Four children: $20 each
One adult & one child: $50/ $28
One adult & two children: $50 / $22 each
Two adults & one child: $45 each / $18
Two adults & two children:  $40 each / $22 each
Two adults & three children: $40 each / $20 each


Training fees include the annual international affiliation fee payable to Honbu. 

Training fees do not include gis, belts, grading (promotion) fees, or badges.

The casual or fitness rate applies only to adults attending the occasional non-karate fitness or pad work classes.

Payment Methods

Annual by direct credit in advance. If the subscription fee already paid extends into 2021, you will be invoiced again on the anniversary date unless you choose to move to a monthly rate at that time.


Monthly only by one automatic direct credit payment per month for the fee owing.

The adult student rate and casual/fitness classes are already at a discounted rate. Members on these rates are not eligible for family discounts.

Prepayments – there are no prepayments of camp or miscellaneous expenses as these create a lot of complexity and require hundreds of transactions.

Cancellations – one month’s notice is required.

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