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Shuseki Shihan Gavin Lowe

7th Dan

Shuseki Shihan Gavin started karate in 1971 at the Christchurch Shibu.

During the Christchurch Commonwealth Games in 1974 he was an administrator for the weight lifting section, having been a weight lifter himself prior to starting karate. In fact he was the National Middle Weight Champion in 1958.

Shuseki Shihan graded to Shodan in 1975 after training in New York Honbu for six weeks. He graded to nidan in 1977, Sandan in 1980, Yondan in 1984, Godan in 1997, Rokudan in 2005, Senior 6th Dan in 2013, and Shuseki Shihan in 2022.

Shuseki Shihan enjoys, at over 80 years of age, watching the young people kick higher and train harder than ever before. If there is one thing about karate that Shuseki Shihan firmly believes in, it is that there is no division between age or gender. In his view, we all have a place within the Seido system; and that respect between age and youth is reciprocal and an important part of our lives.

Shuseki Shihan Gavin Lowe
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